Who are the Tech Heroes

Meet the Tech Heroes. They go above and beyond to make sure your IT emergencies are taken care of.

Tech Heroes are the under-appreciated and unsung heroes of the digital age. Facing changing technologies, increased demands and a variety of other forces, they innovate and build systems that change the world we live in. Tech Heroes are those who work around the clock to ensure the world’s most important web properties and applications are available to end-users 24 hours a day.



What do cookies, tickets and power surges have in common? Find out in the Tech Hero game - the biggest challenge you've faced since the time you pulled an all nighter debugging only to realize you forgot a comma.


Ever wish your hoodie told the world about your tech skills? From mugs to hoodies to magnets, make your tech superpowers known. Shop the Tech Hero Swag Store!


Know someone who has pulled an all-nighter launching a site or missed a big event to solve a tech problem? Nominate them or share your own story today! Tech Heroes receive a Timbuk2 Tech Hero backpack filled with gadgets & items to help them through their next tech crisis.

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July 8, 2014

Tech Hero: The Game – Tips and Tricks

Struggling to join the elite ranks of Tech Hero Game winners? We’re swooping in to help! Becoming a Tech Hero Game winner is a pretty coveted title, so we’ve compiled some of our hidden tips and tricks to help you

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July 7, 2014

Favorite Moments: The Weekly 120

Favorite Moments: The Weekly 120 We’re on vacation for the next few weeks! Until we return, here’s a compilation of some of our favorite moments from the show.

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Tech Heroes work around the clock to support and save the digital world, and they deserve to be recognized, coast-to-coast. If you will be in or near any of these cities in the coming months, we want to meet you! Stop by one of our events for gadget giveaways and free Tech Hero swag, as well as eats, drinks and mingling with other Tech Heroes. Reserve your spot today to join us as we raise a glass to the heroes of the digital age!

June 16-18, 2014

HostingCon - Miami, FL

June 24-26, 2014

Velocity - Santa Clara, CA 

Sept 15 - 17, 2014

Velocity - New York, NY 

Sept 24 - 26, 2014

Surge - National Harbor, MD

Our Tech Hero Backpack

We asked our data center managers, developers and network engineers what they couldn’t live without in their backpack.

It was only appropriate that we called it the Tech Hero Backpack! Would you like to win one? Tell us your Tech Hero story and we'll send you one!

Whether it’s the morning after an all night web launch, server emergency or one of Carpathia’s customer networking events, this stuff comes in pretty handy.

We’re Tech Heroes and we want the world to know it! We slap these puppies on everything from our computers to our sweet rides.

We work hard. We deserve to buy nice things and have them shipped to our door.

Tech Hero Rule #1: Don’t forget your tools. When staring down a mountain of servers there’s no time for a panicky “did I bring a screwdriver?!” The answer is always YES. Yes you did.

Data centers may love a cool breeze, but we like to be warm and comfy while saving the world [from its technical emergencies].

Mortals drink coffee. Tech Heroes go for the hard stuff.

Not much smells better to a Tech Hero than the smell of a properly running hard drive [or data center], except maybe the smell of a fresh notebook. Mmmm, moleskin.

If our backpacks are our capes, and our super powers are our IT skills, our kryptonite is a dead laptop. Good thing we don’t need power outlets! The Zoom square charges our most important devices right from our backpack!